Japanese - Part-Time Faculty Pool

California State University-Fullerton


The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers diverse programs of language, cultural studies, linguistics, literature, and teacher education aimed at meeting the varying needs of today's students.  Its Japanese Program teaches an array of interdisciplinary Japanese courses, from elementary language classes to advanced seminars, and delivers the following academic degrees and programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese;

Minor in Japanese;

Concentration in Japanese for the Bachelor of Arts in International Business;

Intermediate Japanese Language and Culture Certificates as well as General Education courses

First and second year courses are five units per semester, all other courses are three units per semester, offered in a face-to-face mode. Further information regarding the Japanese program’s curriculum and its faculty may be obtained from the departmental website at http://hss.fullerton.edu/mll/academics/japanese/.

Areas of Specialization
We are seeking highly motivated, well-organized individuals to teach in at least two of the following subject areas:

Japanese Language, Introductory to Advanced

Japanese Culture, Intermediate to Advanced

Japanese Literature, Intermediate to Advanced

Japanese Linguistics, Intermediate to Advanced

Candidates must hold a Ph.D. or ABD in Japanese Studies or related field, and possess native-like fluency in Japanese.  Preference will be given to candidates who have prior teaching experience at the college or university level and can furnish evidence of strong teaching. An ability to work effectively with a broad mix of student ages and students from culturally diverse backgrounds is also highly desirable.

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