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Bachelor of Arts

The English program invites its majors to critically explore the aesthetic nature of literature with a genuine curiosity to uncover absolute truth, which defines a Biblical worldview. In addition, English majors will discover personal enrichment and rhetorical flexibility as they practice writing skills in various discourse forms found in public, professional, and academic contexts. Through exposure to a broad set of readings, extensive composition activity, and oral presentations, OCU’s English program provides students with the intellectual capacity and practical skills they need to attend graduate school, enter the professional workplace, or actively participate in ministry.


Upon completion of the program, the student should be able to:

Demonstrate an ability to think clearly, logically, critically, and creatively. in the light of Biblical truth and divine creation.

Display competence in reading, writing, speaking, and listening effectively, both individually and collaboratively.

Synthesize the basic terms, techniques, facts, and interpretations of literature as seen in representative passages and selected masterpieces.

Analyze the historical and grammatical structure of the English language.

Integrate a Biblically based and Christ-centered outlook on language, literature, and life, including consideration of truth, standards, morality, freedom, and responsibility.

Apply an advanced understanding of program objectives, appropriate for entering graduate school or a vocation.

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