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The foreign language program is designed for students to develop an insider’s view of another culture while they develop a new way of looking at their own culture and language. They recognize that learning a language is not an isolated activity but very much interrelated with other fields of study. Knowledge of a foreign language complements practically every major and opens doors to a great variety of jobs. Students fluent in foreign languages possess a distinctive skill that distinguishes them from other candidates in the job market.

Foreign language students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of numerous study abroad opportunities. They may select a summer, a semester or a full-academic-year program abroad. Study abroad opportunities benefit students not only professionally but also personally. They offer students the possibility to experience and embrace cultural diversity and perceive the world around them in a new light.


Students have the opportunity to enroll in the United Nations Practicum course offered by the Department of Political Science, participate in the Gannon University Model U.N. Club and take part in the yearly Model U.N. conference.

Students in the Gannon Foreign Language program enjoy great flexibility in their curriculum and can combine a major in foreign language with another major of their choice, be it in humanities, social sciences, or business. They also have the opportunity to study language alone. Moreover, they can combine their language study with one or two minors in other disciplines. 

A degree in a foreign language can lead them into a meaningful career in academia or translation and interpretation services (translation is one of the fastest growing professions). If a career in banking, international business, or market research interests students, combining a foreign language with business will give them an added advantage over traditional business degree students. If they wish to pursue a career in civil service, customs, or foreign service, to name just a few, they can combine courses in Political Science, Public Service, and/or History with a concentration in language.

Internship possibilities include:

Erie’s Multicultural Community Resource Center

Logistics Plus

The Washington Center


Graduates of the foreign language program can find jobs in a variety of fields. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to the following:



customer service  

foreign service  

immigration services  

international business  


local, state, federal government  


market research  


media and advertising  

public relations  


social services  

tourism and travel services  

translation/interpretation services  

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