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As economic and cultural ties between countries continue to make our world smaller, the need to communicate as global citizens is becoming more important. Languages are instruments of discovery. The study of language facilitates communication as well as the understanding of broader cultural and historical contexts that influence the way we live.

Lakehead University’s Language program will educate you in the art of communication by providing the opportunity to major in French, and to explore the languages of:








The Classics

In Canada, the ability to communicate effectively in French (one of the country’s two official languages) is not only an asset but it can be a requirement for many careers. A written, spoken, and literary understanding of more than one language gives you a unique edge both personally and professionally.

By studying in the Department of Languages you will learn:

Advanced competency in French - reading, writing, and speaking

Cultural literacy

Communication skills in a creative learning environment

Socio-cultural and literary topics from across the globe

It is not necessary for you to be fluent in French prior to enrolment. Our classes are designed to facilitate language development for those at all skill levels as long as admission requirements are met.

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Bachelor's programs, other


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