Social Media RSS Feed en Research Master Humanities - Linguistics <p>The two-year Research Master in Linguistics, specialization of the Humanities research master, trains you as a professional linguistic researcher, specialised in either Human Language Technology or in Forensic Linguistics. Both tracks are aimed at linguists who are looking for a solid training in linguistics, coupled with a challenging specialization in young research fields with a fundamental concern for current society. <br /> <br /> Track: Human Language Technology<br /> Human Language Technology is a young and rapidly evolving research field that holds a unique position between linguistics and computer science. Nowadays, in linguistic research a firm background in language technology is extremely valuable. Linguists have to be able to process large datasets. As a student of this specialization you will get acquainted with the essential large computational linguistic resources, learn programming in Python for linguistics and develop skills in Natural Langue Programming (NLP) and machine learning. Through this intensive research programm, you will become a professional in human language technology. The programme is offered by the Computational Lexicology and Terminology Lab (CLTL), an internationally acclaimed research group in computational linguistics.  Students holding a BA in Linguistics, Computer Science or Artificial intelligence are encouraged to apply. <br /> <br /> Track: Forensic Linguistics/ Language and the Law<br /> Forensic Linguistics/ Language and the Law is a new and exciting field, which has both a narrow and a broad definition. In its more specific sense it denotes the use of linguistic evidence in the courtroom. In its broader sense it refers to all areas of overlap between language and the law, including the language used in legal or quasi-legal settings by participants including judges, lawyers, witnesses, police officers and interpreters. As a graduate of this programme you will have acquired the theoretical background and practical casework experience to be able to analyse disputed texts, recognize a “language crime” such as bribery or threatening communication (nowadays often sent via social media), and identify participants in the police station or courtroom who are at a linguistic disadvantage, and therefore vulnerable to miscarriages of justice. <br /> The programs for the two tracks partly overlap. All students take general courses in the field of humanities research and linguistics, both on theory and methodology. </p> Tue, 05/21/2019 - 07:05 1338670 1338670 ESL Certificate Program <p>For those who wish to become competent in the English language in order to confidently live and work in the United States, there are numerous English as a Second Language (ESL) programs available. These programs are designed to give the student, regardless of his or her age, a competent grasp of English that will allow him or her to feel comfortable interacting in English-speaking social and professional settings.</p> Tue, 05/21/2019 - 01:42 990219 990219 English Language and Literature, MA <p>The MA in English Language and Literature at UM-Flint prepares students to reach their personal and professional goals while becoming lifelong independent thinkers and learners. Our alumni are working in fields such as marketing and communications, social media, copy editing, K-12 education and higher education.</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 15:09 880811 880811 Asia Studies (Southeast Asia) (BA) <p>The BA program in Asia studies offers students the opportunity for in-depth study of East Asia, South Asia or Southeast Asia through a coherent curriculum of academic study across a number of disciplines. The transdisciplinary approach provides students with a variety of intellectual tools to address contemporary political, social and cultural issues in Asia and to apply their knowledge in various academic and practical settings.</p> <p>The Asia studies degree program with a concentration on Southeast Asia includes coursework covering:</p> <p>Brunei</p> <p>Burma/Myanmar</p> <p>Cambodia</p> <p>East Timor</p> <p>Indonesia</p> <p>Laos</p> <p>Malaysia</p> <p>Singapore</p> <p>Thailand</p> <p>the Philippines</p> <p>Vietnam</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 15:02 1339307 1339307 Francophone Studies <p>The ability to work with people from other cultures is becoming ever more important, and speaking a foreign language will give you a head start in almost any field: international business, law, journalism, government, the military and more. This concentration enables the student to develop the five skills of speaking, reading, writing, listening and cultural competency in French. This option has a culture track (more internationally related course work in the humanities and political science) and a trade track (more courses in international economics and business). Students benefit from a wide array of study-abroad opportunities.</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 14:08 902599 902599 International Business Management with Spanish BA (Hons) <p>It’s vital for any future business leader to have a good understanding and knowledge of the issues and dynamics of global business. This degree will provide you with the theory and practice to understand and make decisions as a manager in these rapidly changing environments.</p> <p>Northumbria ranks 4th in the sector nationally and top in the North East for further study, sustained employment or both for Business and Admin Studies graduates 5 years after graduation. (Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) 2017)</p> <p>This degree gives you a truly international experience, including studying or working for one year in a Spanish-speaking country, from Spain to South America. This life-changing experience helps to build essential attributes of self-confidence and cultural awareness. Not only will you graduate with a business relevant international degree from an award-winning Business School, you will also be fluent in a second language which is highly attractive to prospective employers. </p> <p>The relevance, rigour and internationalisation of the course has been tested through the EPAS accreditation process. The course is also covered by the prestigious AACSB accreditation for Newcastle Business School, which was named ‘Business School of the Year’ at the Times Higher Education Awards 2015.</p> <p>95% of students say that they are satisfied overall with their course (National Student Survey, 2016)</p> <p> </p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 13:59 1342087 1342087 Criminology and French Studies BA Hons <p>Combine two unique subjects in this joint honours degree delivered by a world-class university - we are listed 2nd in the UK for French in the 2017 Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide. You will acquire high level language skills and a thorough understanding of France’s historical, cultural, social and political background. And you’ll engage with contemporary debates on crime, deviance and punishment while critically appraising cutting-edge criminological research. Taught by world-leading, research-active academics from our prestigious Law School and the Department of Languages, our unique approach to your first year introduces you to topics including drugs and crime, youth justice, sex offending, and the cultural context of the French language. Year 2 is your chance to build on your language skills and study the culture, politics and history of the French-speaking world in more depth. You will also explore the ways that crime is measured and engage with the social and legal responses to crimes against the environment. Your third year, a compulsory year abroad, provides you with a rare opportunity to develop your language and criminological skills in a new global context. You can study at a partner institution or conduct a work placement.</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 12:51 1019810 1019810 PGCE Secondary - English <p>The PGCE Secondary is the first phase of a career-long process of personal and professional development, which will equip you to become a secondary school teacher. The PGCE Secondary is a course in Initial Teacher Training which is accredited by the DfE, the successful completion of which will accord you Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Our course has recently been inspected by Ofsted which resulted in an “Outstanding” grading for all aspects of our provision. Students who have successfully completed the PGCE at Durham in the previous academic year have the option to use 90 credits they have accredited towards a part time MA Education. These students only need to do the core modules, Education Enquiry and the Dissertation over 2 years, to complete the programme. Subject pedagogy is explored in curriculum groups, examining techniques for making each subject accessible and stimulating in a classroom environment. Our popular English course aims to: provide you with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills needed to become an effective and innovative teacher of English extend your awareness of the range and scope of English as a subject in schools today provide opportunities for you to experience and explore a variety of approaches to teaching the subject allow you to develop an appreciation of your own strengths and weaknesses</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 09:53 1065172 1065172 English Language and Literature BA (Hons) <p>Do you have a love of both language and literature? On NorthumbriaUniversity’s English language and literature course, you will studyfantastically stimulating and distinctive modules that range from Shakespeareto contemporary fiction, and from the fundamentals of grammar and syntax to theredefinition of what the ‘English’ language is.</p> <p>Northumbria University aspire to help you as youhelp yourself in becoming a ‘citizen scholar’ who is able to thinkindependently and make your own contribution to the world. As part of this, weensure that you engage with advanced linguistic concepts and literature fromaround the world. We also offer options to broaden your experience and culturalsensitivity by studying abroad for a semester in your second year, usually inNorth America or mainland Europe.</p> <p>This English degree is for you, if you are passionate about understandinglanguage, literature, and how the two connect. Enthusiastic,research-active staff ensure you will study a stimulating, distinctive, andwide range of modules, covering topics, issues, texts and concepts in bothlanguage and literature, from canonical figures like Shakespeare, tocutting-edge contemporary fiction and theory, from the fundamentals of grammarand syntax to the redefinition of what the ‘English’ language is. Students willdevelop the transferable skills in analysis, interpretation, communication,argument and research they need to excel at university, and after, as we aspireto help you help yourself become a confident, independent, criticaland active learner able to think and thrive as you make your contribution tothe world.</p> <p>95% of EnglishLanguage and Literature students say that the course is intellectuallystimulating (National Student Survey, 2016).</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 09:52 1341449 1341449 Pre sessional English <p>WHAT IS PRE-SESSIONAL ENGLISH?</p> <p>Pre-sessional English provides high quality Academic English lessons which prepare international students for academic study at Queen’s University Belfast.</p> <p>This course is designed to:</p> <p>improve your English language proficiency in the core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, within a university context</p> <p>focus on subject-related work in your chosen area of study including a written project</p> <p>help you to study independently using our extensive online materials.</p> <p> </p> <p>WHO SHOULD APPLY FOR THIS COURSE?</p> <p>This 20-hour per week course is suitable for you if you are academically qualified, hold an offer from Queen’s University Belfast, and need to improve your English language level before starting an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree at Queen’s University Belfast. The Pre- sessional course runs from July to early September. Your course length will vary depending on your current language level and degree programme requirements.</p> <p> </p> <p>WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS COURSE?</p> <p>THE COURSE WILL:</p> <p>provide contextual study skills that acclimatise you to the culture of a UK university</p> <p>enable you to adjust to the demands, challenges and expectations of UK higher education and culture</p> <p>provide you with a short period of time to adapt to living and studying in the UK prior to beginning your academic studies.</p> <p>most students will qualify for an Integrated CAS. This means that you will not have to reapply for a visa after successfully completing the program. Students receiving an Integrated CAS must have English as the only condition of the Queen’s University Belfast Offer</p> Mon, 05/20/2019 - 09:50 1218846 1218846